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TV ears are designed for those with trouble hearing, to listen to the television from a distance with a wireless headset. These devices have very powerful amplification qualities of up to 120 dB and volume control so that you can compensate for any level of hearing loss. The TV Ears systems utilize tvmono sound rather than stereo sound since they are made specifically for use with the television and the hard of hearing tend to hear better in one ear than the other. The devices work with any television, can cover an area of at least 800 square feet and have a few features to make the headsets comfortable to wear. There are many different headphones from which to choose.

TV Ears Original

The TV Ears Original model utilizes a noise reduction ear tip commonly that was developed for US Air Force pilots. This tip reduces room noise and works when the television is on low volume or muted. There are also features such as Voice Clarification Circuitry that helps clarify dialog and Automatic Commercial Control that caps the noise on loud commercials. However, the Original model is not designed for plasma or LCD TVs but is generally received well from its users because it works.

TV Ears 2.3
The 2.3 model is supposed to be the best overall model and works with plasma and LCD TVs but is not compatible with theaters and playhouses. Otherwise, it has all the same features as the Original except it is designed for those with mild to moderate hearing loss rather than moderate to severe. Reviewers of this product usually point to its qualities in preventing discord among family members when at least one is hard of hearing. They especially point to its value when one wants to watch television late at night while another wants to sleep.

TV Ears Professional
The TV Ears Professional model is the most powerful of the headsets and can be used for functions other than listening to television. This portable headset works for other listening devices such as cellphones, iPods and music players and has an expansion slot compatible with accessories like telephone cords. People who own this particular model generally regard it as high quality and clarity of sound, especially when it comes to hearing the human voice. They even say it works well even when it comes to speaking on the telephone.

TV Ears Home Theater
The TV Ears Home Theater system includes two headsets as well as an additional power stacker transmitter. Like the Professional model, it works in most theaters and playhouses at operate at 95 kHz and is designed for those with moderate to severe hearing loss. Since the headset charger and transmitter are separately transfigured, it helps the system cover a larger home theater area.

It is good to also take note of some of the common feedbacks about the TV Ears. One of the common feedbacks is that it transmits too much static noise. TV Ears also do not work where fluorescent lights are present. Furthermore, the devices cannot be hooked up if the speaker ports on the television are already being used. The transmitter must also be directed toward a wall, not a window or glass door, to work.

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