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Bernafon Hearing Aids – Models And Functions

The Swiss company, Bernafon, has been providing innovative hearing solutions for many decades. It lives up to its mission statement of developing quality hearing aids, enabling consumers to enjoy crisp, clear sound. Bernafon introduced the world’s first digitally programmable hearing device in 1988, which continues to manufacture a wide array of colors, styles, and sizes. Helping people hear and communicate without limitations is a core belief. The forward-thinking engineers have designed aids that link to other devices for optimal performance in all situations. Four models are available with varying options for differing lifestyles.

- VERAS Hearing Aids

The Bernafon hearing aid, Veras, offers a fresh perspective on ChannelFree™ auditory systems giving wearers the power to understand how to use and operate the aids with less effort. The digital signal processing technology is the core of the Veras system, sounds are analyzed and automatically adjusted at 20,000 times per second, amplifying even the lightest auditory vibrations. Several accessories to enhance the listening experience are available for the Veras model. The optional remote control allows discreet operation and adjustments to the hearing device. SoundGate is a wireless device that can link to Veras, enabling enhanced hearing to audio media such as MP3 players, computers through a Bluetooth® interface, and cell phones. A television adapter is available as well, which heightens the listening experience. To improve the quality of landline calls, a telephone adapter is also available.

- ICOS Hearing Aids

The Icos Bernafon hearing aid offers an instrument tailored to high performance in challenging listening situations. It provides maximized speech recognition for active individuals. Icos automatically adapts on a continual basis to give the wearer superior listening comfort. The heart of this model is its multi-dimensional signal processing for maximized speech understanding. The best array of features is based on the audio recognition detectors for enhanced speech comprehensibility.

- INIZIA Hearing Aids

The Inizia model is an affordable hearing device designed to function in noisy and quiet environments. It is the optimal choice for standard hearing needs. The ChannelFree™ digital signal processing and adaptive features improve speech intelligibility, minimizing background noise. AFC (adaptive feedback cancellation) minimizes whistling without compromising speech or comfort. The control options, colors, and styles meet every need and compliment any user’s hairstyle, and are cosmetically appealing.

- BRITE Hearing Aids

The Brite hearing solution combined with fashionable design is naturally different. Its advanced technology offers great listening comfort and provides excellent speech understanding with multi-dimensional signal processing. Bernafon’s Brite is remote control compatible for ease of program changes. The pleasing shape and style of this hearing aid is drawn from nature.

Hearing aids reviews are perhaps the best way to discover the pros and cons of any manufacturer and model. However, Bernafon appears to be on solid footing with consumers. Only one complaint could be found and that concerned the repair policy statement disallowing a loaner aid while testing is performed on a purchased model.

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