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Due to new advances in technology, the situation has never been better for those who are hard of hearing.

Long gone are the days when this was an embarrassing or debilitating condition, and many modern developments have produced devices that comfortably and competently make up for a loss of hearing.

There are many different kinds of hearing aid, but this article will focus mainly on Behind the Ear or BTE hearing aids, and the advantages of this particular type.

Various Other Options

Before we get on to the advantages of the BTE hearing aids in particular, let us consider some of the other sorts on the market.

In The Ear or ITE variants fit in the outer bowl of the user’s ear. These can work quite well, but they have some drawbacks. Firstly, they are easily visible, and some people may prefer a more discreet solution, and secondly, there can sometimes be issues with audio feedback, although this is less of a problem with modern anti-feedback technology.

In The Canal or ITC models are designed to fit into the ear canal and are less visible than the ITE type.

Completely in Canal or CIC hearing aids are a step beyond this. CIC variants are often almost invisible, as they are hidden inside the ear canal and do not protrude much into the outer ear.

The BTE Option

Behind The Ear or BTE hearing aids are an excellent alternative to many of the above sorts, as they combine the convenience of the ITE models with the visual subtlety of the in-canal types. In-canal aids require an expensive ear mold to be taken, since the device must be carefully tailored to fit the ear of the user.

The BTE hearing aids do not require this sort of attention and are as a result much less expensive. Due to advances in technology, Behind the Ear types are also not very intrusive any more, and they do not stand out a great deal. Essentially, the device is moved from inside the ear to just behind it, thus hiding the main device from view, especially from the front. There are even mini BTE hearing aids available, which make for an even less obvious aesthetic.


When looking into buying an aid for hearing loss, it is important to balance the usefulness of a particular model with its cost. Although some of the more elaborate designs that fit into the inner ear can be more effective and less noticeable, they are also far more expensive and, in some ways, inconvenient. BTE hearing aids are a good combination of utility and comfort at a more reasonable price, and so long as you are not concerned about absolute invisibility, they can be the best option for you.

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