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HEARING AIDS REVIEWS – How To Choose The Best Hearing Aids ?

Welcome to your comprehensive online source for selecting the Best Hearing Aids on the market.

There are many factors to consider when you are looking for a hearing aid.  You need to understand what type of hearing loss you have as well as the level of loss.  You also need to consider how comfortable the device is to wear as well as whether you want a device that is relatively invisible to others.

If the size of the hearing aid is important, there are several things you must consider involving smaller devices.  For instance, hearing aids that fit completely in the canal tend to be less powerful than others and have shorter battery lives.  In addition, they may cost more and do not have extra features such as directional microphones and volume control.  However, they are ideal if you only have mild to moderate hearing loss.  The ones that fit completely inside the ear canal can be used easily with the telephone and are not as likely to pick up wind noise.

There are also other hearing aids that fit in the canal but not as deeply as those that fit completely within the ear canal.  Similarly, these custom molded devices are useful if you have mild to moderate hearing loss, can be used easily with the telephone that are not as visible in the ear.  Read the rest of this entry »


Phonak Hearing Aids Models And Features

After more than 60 years in developing innovative and creative solutions to help people overcome the limitations of hearing loss, the manufacturers of Phonak hearing aids continue to strive for excellence in quality and customer service. To that end, Phonak is at the forefront and is considered one of the best hearing aids manufacturers in providing superior hearing devices that allow all people to enjoy crisp, clear sound without sacrificing comfort and style.

The company’s new Audéo ZIP is suitable for individuals with mild to moderate auditory loss and first time users. It combines ingenious performance with cosmetic appeal, is available in three colors, and three function levels. SoundRecover is the basis for Audéo ZIP’s full spectrum of sounds that improves listening pleasure, speech recognition, and awareness of every aspect of the sound environment. Phonak has three models of the Audéo ZIP for specific individual needs and preferences.

Audéo ZIP IX incorporates top-end innovations with InstantFit CIC. The SoundFlow Premium platform is its CORE audio processing. SoundCleaning features combined with SoundRecover enable expanded audibility without compromising comfort and style. Audéo ZIP V is a mid-range model that employs an advanced CORE technology. SoundRecover, WindBlock Management, and SoundFlow Advanced expand the Audéo ZIP V’s audibility for a full spectrum of sounds. Audéo ZIP III is built with Standard CORE, proving quality can be attained without costing a fortune. SoundRecover, WhistleBlock Technology, and SoundFlow Standard expand audible perceptions with proven performance in a cosmetically appealing hearing aid.
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Are Hearpod Hearing Aids Right For You?

Looking for the best hearing aids available in the market? Having a proper hearing aid tailored to what you are having trouble hearing can mean the difference between being happy with your purchase or still being unable to hear properly.

Hearpod Hearing Aids differ from traditional hearing aids because there are several different models that are custom tailored to your level of hearing loss. The different models are priced accordingly and while you will still need a hearing exam to determine your exact level of impairment, Hearpod hearing aids offer an affordable, quality product custom tailored to yourself.

Hearpod Models & Their Uses

Hearpod offers 5 different models of cheap hearing aids that are designed to amplify certain types of sound and to fit ear canals snugly without falling out. Choosing which model will benefit you most is a matter of understanding what types of sound you are having trouble hearing.







The HearPal is a small hearing aid specifically designed to amplify soft sounds such as those from the TV, meetings, grandchildren, or church. It fits discreetly inside your ear canal and includes three different pillow sizes so you can custom tailor the fit of the HearPal to your ear canal. For those having trouble with spoken voices, this model is perfect.

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Hearing loss is a serious and complicated problem, and Siemens hearing aids may be one of the best hearing aids around in the market for a long time.

Founded in 1878, the company has been specializing in quality and innovative hearing devices for more than 130 years. With different models and styles, Siemens hearing aids are customized for individuals based on their unique style preferences and varying degrees of hearing loss.

Facts say more than words, and these facts speak volumes:

• One out of every five people with hearing loss count on a Siemens hearing aid to help maximize their hearing

• 50% of all available Siemens models are less than two years old, which proves how dedicated the company is to innovation and providing the latest technology available

• Siemens’ patented BestSound Technology is clinically proven to provide patients with the best hearing quality possible

• Every Siemens product is backed by a standard two-year warranty
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Bernafon Hearing Aids – Models And Functions

The Swiss company, Bernafon, has been providing innovative hearing solutions for many decades. It lives up to its mission statement of developing quality hearing aids, enabling consumers to enjoy crisp, clear sound. Bernafon introduced the world’s first digitally programmable hearing device in 1988, which continues to manufacture a wide array of colors, styles, and sizes. Helping people hear and communicate without limitations is a core belief. The forward-thinking engineers have designed aids that link to other devices for optimal performance in all situations. Four models are available with varying options for differing lifestyles.

- VERAS Hearing Aids

The Bernafon hearing aid, Veras, offers a fresh perspective on ChannelFree™ auditory systems giving wearers the power to understand how to use and operate the aids with less effort. The digital signal processing technology is the core of the Veras system, sounds are analyzed and automatically adjusted at 20,000 times per second, amplifying even the lightest auditory vibrations. Several accessories to enhance the listening experience are available for the Veras model. The optional remote control allows discreet operation and adjustments to the hearing device. SoundGate is a wireless device that can link to Veras, enabling enhanced hearing to audio media such as MP3 players, computers through a Bluetooth® interface, and cell phones. A television adapter is available as well, which heightens the listening experience. To improve the quality of landline calls, a telephone adapter is also available.
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